Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Amazon Scout Character Model

Amazon Scout Turntable

Amazon AO + Wireframe Turntable 

Term 6 - Character for Games - WIP

Concept by Okmer

Term 5 - Character Development

I absolutely love Andrea Adams' class. We chose a Shakespearean character, in which I chose Shylock from the Merchant of Venice, and was tasked with creating my own version for another world.

The world I chose was one of nomadic culture and tradition, one that has more advanced space faring technology, but still holds close to their culture and religion. For this version of Shakespeare's character, he holds onto his religion for the sake of tradition. He is bitter, hurt, and separates himself from people, burdened with tragedy with the elopement of his daughter, but he still remains strong and carries his sense of pride which is largely due to his beliefs.

Thus he travels around, carrying his wares, still bitter, but deep down regretting his fight with his daughter and hoping to reunite with her as she is the last of the family.

I settled on #2 and #5 as they captured the character the best. the pose and silhouette of #2, but the confidence and strength of #5 captured my idea of shylock the best.
Color studies to see what is more appropriate for him.
The silhouette of Shylock is to show someone that is burdened, yet strong.
Tired eyes
Weathered hands

The dagger is a tradition of his culture, it is the symbol of unity of two families. He keeps one part of the blade and the other piece is with his daughter who ran off.

Term 5 - Creature Modeling - Horse and Horse Lord


Horse Lord turntable

Fresian turntable

Modeled in a neutral pose, then into a dynamic one.

Term 5 - Creature Design - woman and beast

I love Frazetta, that I decided I wanted to make a tribute to him and sculpt this piece in which a humanoid alien encounters a beast.

Term 5 - Creature Design - Dragon

This dragon got lazy with his age, preferring to sleep surrounded by small bushes.

Term 5 - Creature Sculpting - Space Bar Dancer

Dancing with her "space-lamprey-eel".